Temaki Cones

Intermediate | 45 min | x2

Rolled cone of seaweed wrapped around rice and fillings.


Temaki Cones
Sushi rice 250g
 Rice vinegar 1 Tbsp
Seaweed 8-10 sheets
Salmon 150g
Prawn (cooked) 4 pieces
Fish eggs 2 Tbsp
Cucumber ½ piece
Avocado ½ piece


Temaki Cones

Boil the rice

Place 250g of sushi rice in boiling water. Cook for 10-20 minutes.

Temaki Cones

Season the rice

Drain well and allow to cool.
Stir in Rice Vinegar. Mix well.

Temaki Cones

Prepare the seaweed

Cut seaweed sheet in half lengthwise. Spread rice to cover one third of the sheet.

Temaki Cones

Prepare the cones

Arrange fillings (salmon, prawn, fish eggs, cucumber, avocado) diagonally over the rice from the outside corner (upper right) towards the center.