5 Inventive Sushi recipes you can try at home

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Homemade sushi rolls, an absolute staple in Japanese cuisine, are the best treat to make for yourself.

Sushi is a dish that has been enjoyed by many for centuries. It is a culinary art that requires precision, skill, and creativity. Over the years, sushi has evolved from its traditional form of rice and raw fish to include an array of ingredients that cater to different tastes. Sushi lovers are always on the lookout for inventive sushi recipes that can satisfy their taste buds, and the good news is that there are plenty of options available.

Traditional sushi recipes

There's a sushi piece for everyone!

Before we dive into the inventive sushi recipes, it's important to understand the basics of traditional sushi. Sushi is a Japanese dish that typically consists of vinegared rice, fresh fish or vegetables, and nori (dried seaweed). The most common types of sushi are nigiri (hand-pressed sushi) and maki (sushi rolls). Nigiri sushi is typically served with a small piece of fish or vegetable on top of a bed of rice, while maki sushi is made by rolling rice and other ingredients into a sheet of nori. Traditional sushi recipes can be found in most Japanese restaurants and are a great way to enjoy the simple and delicious flavors of sushi.

Making Sushi
Making sushi at home is easier than you think!

How to make sushi at home

Making sushi at home might seem intimidating, but with the right tools and ingredients, it's actually quite simple and fun. When you make sushi at home, you have complete control over the ingredients and the flavors. You can be as creative as you want, and you can customize your sushi to suit your taste buds. Recommended ingredients and tools

  • Sushi rice: we recommend using short-grain rice (Japanese rice), as it has a sticky texture that's perfect for rolling sushi.
  • Sushi fillings: using fresh fish like tuna and salmon, as well as vegetables like avocado, cucumber, and carrot.
  • Other ingredients: Nori or roasted seaweed sheet for making sushi maki, rice vinegar for seasoning rice, soy sauce (Shoyu), wasabi paste, and pickled ginger.
  • Tools: you'll need a sushi mat for rolling the sushi, a sharp knife for slicing the ingredients, and a rice cooker for cooking the sushi rice.

Here are some basic steps to get you started:

Cook the rice:
Rinse 2 cups of sushi rice in cold water until the water runs clear. Add the rice to a pot with 2 cups of water and bring to a boil. Reduce the heat, cover, and simmer for 20 minutes. Remove from heat and let sit for 10 minutes, then fluff with a fork.

Season the rice:
In a small bowl, mix 3 tablespoons of rice vinegar, 1 tablespoon of sugar, and 1 teaspoon of salt. Microwave for 30 seconds and stir until the sugar and salt dissolve. Add the mixture to the cooked rice and stir gently to combine.

Prepare the filling:
Cut your desired ingredients into thin strips, such as cucumber, avocado, carrots, and cooked shrimp or crab meat.

Assemble the sushi:
Place a sheet of nori shiny side down on a bamboo mat. Spoon a quarter of the cooked rice into the center of the nori sheet, leaving a 1-inch border at the top. Add your desired filling ingredients in a line across the rice. Use the bamboo mat to roll the sushi tightly, tucking in the filling as you roll.

Slice and serve:
Use a sharp knife to slice the sushi into bite-size pieces. Serve with soy sauce, wasabi, and pickled ginger.

Making Sushi
To get started, you just need a few ingredients like tuna, cucumber, nori, and Japanese short-grain rice.

Tips for perfecting your sushi-making skills

  • Make sure to use high-quality ingredients like fresh fish and vegetables to ensure the best flavor.
  • Use a sharp knife to slice your ingredients for a clean and precise cut.
  • Don't overfill your sushi rolls, as this can cause them to fall apart.
  • You can use your hand to place the cooked rice into the nori, but wet your hands before handling the rice to prevent it from sticking to your hands.
  • Practice makes perfect. Don't be discouraged if your first few attempts don't turn out perfectly and have fun experimenting with different fillings and flavors.

Rainbow rolls
The rainbow roll is a type of uramaki sushi, commonly known as “inside-out” rolls.

Creative sushi rolls you can do at home

Sushi rolls or sushi maki is quite fun and easy to make and you can be very creative around it. By adding variations and a little twist to your typical maki, the possibilities are endless.

1. Spicy Tuna Roll
The Spicy Tuna Roll is a classic sushi roll with a spicy twist. This roll is made with fresh tuna, mayonnaise, and Sriracha sauce, giving it a spicy and creamy flavor. To make the Spicy Tuna Roll, start by mixing the tuna, mayonnaise, and Sriracha sauce in a bowl. Then, spread the mixture onto a sheet of nori and roll it up with rice and avocado. Top the roll with more Sriracha sauce and serve with pickled ginger and soy sauce. The Spicy Tuna Roll is a great way to add some heat to your sushi repertoire.

2. Mango Tango Roll
The Mango Tango Roll is a sweet and tangy sushi roll for those who love fruity flavors. The ingredient includes fresh mango, crab meat, salmon or tuna, and avocado, giving it a sweet and creamy flavor. Start by slicing the mango and avocado into thin strips. Then, place the mango, crab meat or fish, and avocado onto a sheet of nori and roll it up with rice. Top the roll with sesame seeds and serve with a side of soy sauce. You can add cream cheese for an extra creamy flavor. The Mango Tango Roll is an ideal choice for a summer gathering as it is both fresh and naturally sweet, ensuring a delightful taste experience.

3. Dragon Roll
The Dragon Roll is a visually stunning sushi roll that's sure to impress your guests. This roll’s filling requires grilled eel (unagi), cucumber, avocado and spicy mayo, and is topped with slices of avocado and grilled eel. To make the Dragon Roll, start by slicing the eel, cucumber, and avocado into thin strips. Then, place the eel and cucumber onto a sheet of nori and roll it up with rice. Top the roll with slices of avocado and eel, and serve with a side of unagi sauce or shoyu soy sauce. For an alternative filling, you can try crispy shrimp tempura and ebiko or tobiko (flying fish roes).

4. California Rollwith a Twist
The California Roll with a Twist is a unique take on the classic California Roll. This roll is made with salmon, tuna or shrimp, tamagoyaki (sweet omelet), avocado, and cucumber, slices of strawberry and kiwi. Cutting the meat, avocado, cucumber, strawberry, and kiwi into thin strips. Place the rice, meat, avocado, and cucumber onto a sheet of nori and roll the mat over the seaweed. Place slices of strawberry and kiwi on top of the roll.

5. Rainbow Roll
This colorful sushi roll is perfect for those who love a variety of flavors. You can use shrimp, avocado, and cucumber as the fillings and top with slices of tuna, salmon, and avocado. Prepare the ingredients by cutting all meat, avocado, and cucumber into thin slices. Add the shrimp, tamagoyaki, avocado, and cucumber onto a sheet of nori and roll it up with rice. Top the roll with slices of tuna, salmon, and avocado.